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Prefabricated Metal Buildings

We are partnered brokers with prefabricated steel building manufacturers to assist you with:

1. Design your new building

2. Free Quotes for the lowest price

3. Free Delivery and Installation
4. Bank financing

5. Rent-to-Own programs

6. Engineer Certified building codes.

7. 90 MPH Wind Warranty

8. Four Season Workmanship

9. Warranty 20 year limited rust through warranty on 12 gauge frames

10. Color choices to make it easier to match the surroundings

11.  Communicate with the manufacturer on your behalf should any problems arise during the process. 

Note; we are not the manufacturer nor do we install buildings.


Door and window options

We offer garage roll-up doors in size;






Walk-in doors;

36”x80” vinyl door with lock-set

36”x84” steel door with lock-set

Aluminum window;

30”x30” with 1/2 screen


Three different roof styles to choose

We have our standard roof that has rounded corners. 

Our A-Frame box eve style with horizontal sheets.

The A-Frame vertical roof is a must have in high snow areas. Home - Ranch - Business

Roof and Wall Vapor Barrier

With thermal radiation & vapor barrier you will be cool in the summer & warm in the winter

Has an R-Value of 16.

Offers radiation and vapor barriers for steel buildings

Is great for heat, condensation, and cold.

Comes with reflective aluminum foil on each side of a 5mm closed-cell polyethylene foam center.

Our insulation is ICC-ES recognized and Energy Star-qualified due to the following characteristics:

It has a classification A for fire retardant, slow flame propagation material.

It doesn’t leak when fastened.

It’s waterproof.It has two aluminum faces that reflect radiation and heat.

It offers thermal insulation.

It retains its thickness over time.


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NOTE: Because of the many of variations of the building codes from State to State and City to City it is impossible for us to know your codes. Please contact your local Building Code department to inquire about permitting requirements. 

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